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From startup to nonprofit to corporate, our programme benefits individuals, teams and companies across all industries and sizes.

Cathy Banks

Founder & Executive Director -
Analyze Consulting
"LeadMe is an opportunity to develop self awareness and awareness of others. This awareness, along with the other skills taught on the programme, improve leadership in all areas of life!"

Nadia Seyuba

Head of Talent - Prodigy Finance
"As a leader in the people team, I see how I can use what I learned on LeadMe to influence the way I rollout things and to get the wider organisation to move towards a common goal"

Thando Sebesho

High School Coordinator -
Students for a Better Future
"The LeadMe programme has been one of the most eye-opening and insightful journeys I’ve taken in my professional life."

Grant Mori

Chief Financial Officer - Deimos
"The LeadMe modules allow focused time each week to track my leadership development and implement tips and tools learnt. It is a highlight of my week!"

Vis Chetty

Head of Trade Sales -
Penguin Random House
"Since being on LeadMe, my self-discipline and focus has improved drastically. I know more about my style of communication and leadership and I understand people more."

Lisa Moore

Production Manager
Doring Kindersley UK
The content on LeadMe is progressive in terms of how I engage with my team. It includes practical steps I can take to improve relationships and achieve better results for business."

After completing LeadMe...


Shared feeling more confident, empowered and better in control of their mindset.


Expressed being more proactive, communicating more effectively, and feeling a positive impact on their workplace culture.


Expanded participation and added more people on LeadMe after the initial first round.

LeadMe is trusted by:

“If there was ever something that came close to having a textbook to manage and work with people, then LeadMe is it.” 
- Sune Venter, Servier Pharmaceuticals
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