Rheinmetall Laingsdale - LeadMe Graduation

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The first cohort at Rheinmetall Laingsdale Pty Ltd. just completed the LeadMe programme and had a graduation ceremony on Friday, September 8 to celebrate! Rheinmetall's Human Resource Executive, Wendy Sloan, shared her takeaways and insights and closed with, "Remember, leadership is not about titles; it's about making a difference. Each one of us has the potential to be a leader in our own unique way. Let's continue to support each other, share our experiences, and create a workplace that thrives on leadership and self-leadership." 

Congratulations to Shihaam Abrahams, Nawaal Gabriel, Gaironiesa Pretorious, Rave Pretorious, Mario Mellet and Iain Albertyn for completing the programme. Thank you for sharing what you gained during your leadership development journey!

This programme wasn't just about learning to lead others, but about incorporating leadership skills in all aspects of a job.
I'm now making smarter decisions, listening first before reacting, and communicating more clearly and directly.
LeadMe helped me learn how to motivate, empower and encourage others. It gives you a new, updated lens for management in the modern world. 
LeadMe makes you a strong individual, which in turn, makes you a stronger colleague and team member.
I've learned to listen and stay open to new perspectives and different input. This has given me more empathy for others.
Examining my current habits and learning how to set achievable goals was really powerful. I now know how to make changes through daily habits.
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