Rianet Whitehead, FAnews Editor, engages in a profound discussion with Jackie Kennedy

FA News Feature

Jackie Kennedy discusses the relevance and urgency of change leadership for organisations in SA.

Analyze Consulting Secures 50% Stake in LeadMe to Enhance Leadership Development

"The ability to not simply endure change, but learn to embrace it, is the most underrated skill in business today."

How South African Companies Can Empower Themselves With Authentic Change Leadership

Analyze Consulting strengthens leadership development focus with LeadMe investment

Brilliant CHRO Solutions Summit highlights the importance of leading with care

August 2023

The Future Of Reskilling: Are You Ready To Reskill 50% Of Your Employees By 2025?

How Reskilling will shape the Future of Work

Jackie Kennedy discusses the megatrends affecting our workplaces, leadership and learning in 2022.

Building leadership at all levels is a priority for 2022

Megatrends impacting Workforces, Leadership and Learning in 2022​
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