We create a culture of smart leaders who create smarter companies and enjoy better lives. 

LeadMe Creators

We believe work and home life affect one another and that self-development, leadership and education are critical for the world we are in.

Our values of connection, collaboration, conversation and continued learning are the guiding principles of the LeadMe programme. 

“My goal has always been to help people become their own leaders in their lives and at LeadMe we know that big journeys begin with small steps”. -
Jackie Kennedy (Founder of LeadMe)

Our vision is to grow 1 million individuals to great 1 small step at a time!

Jackie Kennedy
Leadership Coach, OD Consultant,
Founder LeadMe
Kira Koopman
Learning Design Consultant,
Founder: Elevate Learning
Vaughan de Ville
Designer, Videographer,
Producer, Musician

LeadMe Coaches

Elsmie Otto
Professional Coach & Team Facilitator
Sherell Diane
Leadership & Operations Coach

Shivani Ghai
Programme Coach

Roland Cox
Mphil Management Coaching

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