Jackie Kennedy

How do you make people feel?

Quiet quitting has received a lot of attention this year. And rightfully so. While the name may elude to employees quitting their jobs, it is actually more about setting boundaries, engaging in a better work/life balance and finding more meaning in our work. Put differently, it's about leaders co-creating well-being, purpose and a sense of belonging together with their team. 

I have been reading the debate sparked by quiet quitting, with some sharing that this aptly encompasses their feelings, some preferring to call it Reverse Hustle or Work to Thrive or Work-Life Integration, and others acknowledging that 'quiet quitting' should not be the only other option besides burning out. At the end of the day, I believe all of this comes down to great leadership (or lack thereof).

Harvard Business Review recently shared, “Quiet quitting is usually less about an employee’s willingness to work harder and more creatively, and more about a manager’s ability to build a relationship with their employees where they are not counting the minutes until quitting time.

A key component of leadership involves caring deeply about your team. You are there to help people uncover their purpose and value in the company and make them feel heard and seen. 

Feeling heard, seen and included = a sense of belonging.

So my questions to you are...

How do you think you make people feel?
How did you look after your team's wellbeing during COVID and lockdowns?
How are you showing up for your team?
How are you cultivating a sense of purpose and belonging for everyone?
When is the last time you asked for feedback about your leadership style? 
What do you think you could you do better?

Below are some great resources to help you get started reflecting on how you make people feel. I encourage you to set aside your ego and remember that the leadership journey is one of learning, unlearning and relearning over and over.

Read: What Do Kick-Ass Bosses Do to Prevent Quiet Quitting? They Actually Care About Their Employees by Brandi Neal at Radical Candor. Brandi shares her personal leadership journey as a manager, the mistakes she made, and the lessons she wishes she had known sooner that bosses should take on now. 

Listen: First, check out our latest Grow to Great interviews with Justin Bodill on creating culture as a leader and Mechell Chetty on purpose and paradigm shifts we're experiencing in leadership. Then listen to Adam Grant's episode on How to Change Your Workplace, where shares steps to overcome resistance and motivate people to embrace new ideas, wherever you sit in hierarchy of a team.

Watch: TEDx Talk - Core Values, Your Inner Compass with Larisa Halilović - Larisa explains the meaning of core values and how they serve as a inner compass for all of us in life. She also explains why core values are important for us individually and for interaction with others.
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