Jackie Kennedy

3 Reasons to Invest in Your Managers Now

Don't delay investing in the development of your managers. Below are three reasons why leadership skills are critical to the success of your managers and company, and how our LeadMe programme will help you.

1. Ongoing learning creates real and effective change

Short-term interventions and once-off workshops do not work, especially if your team is under a lot of pressure already. Many of us are overwhelmed with the amount of information we are taking in these days and it never feels like we have enough time to absorb it all. Companies need to create a culture of learning in a way that is manageable and time conscious.

The LeadMe programme only takes 60 minutes per week with micro-lessons your team can implement immediately. The monthly group sessions and weekly feedback from professional coaches ensure accountability in behaviour shifts over time.  

2. Mindset and leadership capabilities will set you apart

Effective leadership involves communicating your vision clearly, creating a positive work culture, and empowering your team to make decisions and take ownership. With a strong mindset and leadership capabilities, managers can inspire people to perform at their best, adapt to changing market conditions, and drive business towards long-term success.

Each of the 10 learning modules in the LeadMe programme focus on core leadership skills, providing a variety of engaging and exciting topics backed by the latest neuroscience. It trains and empowers managers at all levels with the mindset, skills and habits needed to lead and succeed.

3. Investing in your people = investing in the bottom line of your business

By investing in training and development for your employees, you are providing an opportunity for personal and professional growth. This helps to build a culture of innovation, productivity, trust, loyalty and greater job satisfaction - critical elements for retaining staff and reducing turnover. 

LeadMe is an affordable and practical approach to leadership development. It allows managers to identify and develop key behaviours, and then work through a continuous cycle of on-the-job application, reflection, and feedback to better lead themselves, their team, and the organisation.

Want an online leadership development programme that (actually) changes behaviour? 

Email us at connect@leadme.academy for a free demo of the programme.
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