13 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees from Anywhere

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As the Great Resignation continues and more employees continue to quit in search of other jobs, a little workplace appreciation can go a long way for engaging and retaining your team. Results from an O.C. Tanner survey show that 40% of employees feel the recognition they receive at work is an empty gesture. As a leader, it’s critical to plan and put in the effort to show you genuinely value your team members (and remember that hiring and training new employees will take up way more time!). That’s why we’ve put together 13 easy and affordable ways to appreciate your staff from anywhere.

“Appreciation is about acknowledging a person’s inherent value.
The point isn’t their accomplishments.
It’s their worth as a colleague and a human being.”
- Harvard Business Review

With Worker’s Day around the corner on May 1st, now is a good time to brush up on your appreciation skills and integrate this into your workplace culture. Download our full guide to learn 13 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees from Anywhere.
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