Jan 19

Behaviour, Team Culture and the Bottom Line of Business

What does excellent leadership mean to you?

Who do you admire as great leaders in your life? 

What qualities make someone an effective leader?

It's tempting to view leadership as a title to work towards or just a set of tools to implement, but the skills that make a great leader aren't isolated abilities. Leadership is a collective mindset—a set of beliefs that influences one's outlook, attitude, thinking and being - shaping every action and decision.

Imagine working in an environment where your leaders actively seek to understand your perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. In team meetings, they take the time to listen and check-in with each individual, fostering a sense of belonging. This empathetic leadership style permeates the workplace and a culture of support and collaboration flourishes.

 Employees are more motivated, and the sense of camaraderie grows. The positive dynamic extends to problem-solving sessions, where diverse viewpoints are not only welcomed but celebrated. The result? Projects are infused with creativity, and the collective morale is so high that it reflects positively in the company's overall success.

This interconnected nature of leadership is the cornerstone of LeadMe's philosophy. We understand that an employee's behaviour can impact a team, and a team culture can impact the bottom line of business. Which is why our online leadership development and coaching programme focuses on all three pillars of self, team and the greater organisation. 

Since our inception, the LeadMe programme has transformed thousands of individuals’ lives and been the catalyst for leadership change in dozens of teams and companies across South Africa and beyond. “As a leader, I am seeing how to use what I learnt on LeadMe to influence my team and the wider organisation to move towards a common goal,” shared previous LeadMe leader, Nasia Seyuba.

This year we look forward to continuing our vision of creating leaders at all levels of an organisation! If you're ready to learn more, email us at connect@leadme.academy
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