The content on LeadMe feels really progressive in terms of how I engage with my team. It includes practical steps I can take to improve relationships and achieve better results for the business.

Lisa Moore
Darling Kindersley Ltd. UK
Production Manager
LeadMe helped me a lot with my productivity and being better at conflict management and communication. I can see the difference when I interact with other people now.

Marike Hollander
Regional Sales Manager
The content is engaging and I enjoy the blended and balanced lessons. It is great that our team is on this journey together as we get opportunities to discuss, challenge and create goals.

John Wilson
Analyse Consulting
Principal Consultant

Fundiswa Yuba

HR Manager - Gen Re
"LeadMe feels like someone is working with me step-by-step on my journey of self-development."

Grant Mori

Chief Financial Officer - Deimos
"The LeadMe modules allow focused time each week to track my leadership development and implement tips and tools learnt. It is a highlight of my week!"

Vis Chetty

Head of Trade Sales -
Penguin Random House
"Since being on LeadMe, my self-discipline and focus has improved drastically. I know more about my style of communication and leadership and I understand people more."

Ena Stegmann

Marketing Assistant -
Penguin Random House
"I feel more confident and much more in control of my career trajectory since starting LeadMe. I am overall more energised, motivated and productive."

Tarryn Hayes-Hill

Regional Business Manager - Servier
"I gained a logical way of processing soft skills. You learn a lot about your areas of strength and development. If I put this course into two words: "true introspection."

Thando Sebesho

High School Coordinator -
Students for a Better Future
"The LeadMe programme has been one of the most eye-opening and insightful journeys I’ve taken in my professional life."

Morne Bam

Head of Sales -
Penguin Random House
"Whatever team you find yourself in, I truly believe LeadMe would be of value to you."

Michael van der Walt

Product Manager - Servier
'The content and the way the course is structured is brilliant. The support and coaches are very insightful and awesome to work with."

Cathy Banks

Founder & Executive Director -
Analyse Consulting
I'm really enjoying the LeadMe programme and finding it quite easy to stay on track.'

Nadia Seyuba

Head of Talent - Prodigy Finance
"As a leader in the people team, I see how I can use what I learned on LeadMe to influence the way I rollout things and to get the wider organisation to move towards a common goal"

Team Testimonials


HyperionDev is southern Africa’s largest tech education provider. Founded in 2012, the company has brought coding skills to thousands of students in more than 40 countries. 

We have the privilege of guiding a group of HyperionDev's leaders on the LeadMe Leadership Programme, through our online modules of learning content and live team coaching sessions. 

Carla Gustafson, Head of Talent at HyperionDev, recently shared the impact the team and organisation are experiencing so far since starting the programme. Participants are seeing changes in their behaviour around productivity, habits and how they understand and relate to their colleagues. There is now a shared language, making it easier for everyone to explain what they are experiencing and how to implement their learnings. Overall, there is greater cohesiveness and better communication within the team. 

Personal and team development requires time and commitment from a company. In a fast-paced and ever changing environment, HyperionDev prioritised LeadMe through a policy of ‘Learning Fridays’ - all activities related to learning and development, including our programme, happen on this day - with support from the leaders not to book meetings on Fridays. Here is what HyperionDev leaders shared about their experience on LeadMe:

“I have learnt that the mind is a powerful tool that one can use to their benefit by constantly learning and applying.” 

"I now understand how to maintain new habits."

“When I don't understand something someone has done, I now take 10 seconds to think about their values and how that motivated them to do or say something.”

"I appreciate the scheduling of energy and priorities as it has helped me get the most out of my day.”
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“As someone who runs our offices I find that I have been able to create different sections for each staff member's productivity to help them get into deep work. Subsequently our productivity has improved massively and the overall happiness of staff on-site is brilliant.” 

Servier - HR L&D Team

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The HR L&D Team at Servier share their greatest takeaways from the LeadMe Programme during their final wrap up session:

  •  Nomfundo Mbatha realised her potential as a leader. 

  • Matseliso Oliphant said she found her voice! 

  • Riekie Hudson learnt to be more assertive and put boundaries in place. 

  • Prenisha Harduth said she is feeling more self-aware than ever and realises how important it is to keep doing this work.

  • Betty Werners acknowledged the power of vulnerability.

Servier - Regional Sales Managers

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The Regional Sales Team at Servier share their experiences of the LeadMe Programme at their halfway check-in session:

  • "I finally understand work life balance and the consequences when the balance is off." 

  • "I am really proud of how our group is owning up to who they are – being open, honest and authentic." 

  • "The programme structure is in line with my personal interests in practicing mindfulness and EQ. LeadMe has allowed me to further explore and develop my interest in becoming a better version of myself and a better leader." 

  • "This has been a very positive experience with plenty of food for thought on my development journey."

Prodigy Finance

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The team at Prodigy Finance share their greatest takeaways from the LeadMe Programme:

  • “My communication is more clear, careful, and tactful.”

  • “Although the content of LeadMe may seem simple and short, it really changed me and the way I see myself as a leader. Doing a little bit every week ensured that I was continually thinking about my leadership skills.”

  • “The biggest takeaway for me from LeadMe was how to restructure my time management. It’s given me the ability to prioritise what’s most important each day - which is our people.”

South South North

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The team at SSN share their experience of LeadMe:

  • "I realised how important habits are, to be kinder to myself and not just push through my energy dips." - Roy Bouwer

  • "I liked the approach of looking at the bigger picture and then figuring out what smaller steps will get me to where I want to go." - Alex Lethinen

  • "I have found a new practice of being grateful every day and learning that I am worthy of taking up space." - Slindele Moshesh

  • "I have become better at setting boundaries, which in turn has made me more productive." - Bronwen Woodward

  • "My key takeaway is definitely prioritising and intentionally doing less but doing it in smarter ways to be more productive.” - Charlotte Scott

Penguin Random House - Marketing

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The marketing team at Penguin Random House South Africa share their greatest takeaways from LeadMe:

  • “LeadMe created cohesion and transformed our relationship as a team.”

  • “The programme reshaped and rewired some of my personality traits as I had to leave my comfort zone.”

  • “I am more self-aware and can understand others better.”

  • “I learned how important habits are and how to form them. It takes small steps to start new habits!”

  • “Thank you so much for an amazing programme, it has been worth it in so many ways – getting to know our colleagues better, learning about ourselves and giving us the opportunity to better ourselves. It has been such a great journey.” 
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