Sep 20

South South North Team - Learnings from LeadMe

The latest South South North team just finished our three-month LeadMe Starter Programme, focused on habits, mindset, and productivity. Here are some of the team's takeaways:

"I realised how important habits are, and that I need to be kinder to myself and not just push through my energy dips." 

"I liked the approach of looking at the bigger picture and then figuring out what smaller steps will get me to where I want to go." 

"I have found a new practice of being grateful every day and learning that I am worthy of taking up space." 

"I have become better at setting boundaries, which in turn has made me more productive." 

"Reflecting on the course, my key takeaway is definitely prioritising and intentionally doing less but doing it in smarter ways to be more productive.”

Thanks for the fantastic three months of learning and growth, SSN team!

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