Mar 23

Prodigy Finance - Learnings from LeadMe

We love hearing what people learn about themselves and each other during the LeadMe Programme. Here's what Prodigy Finance shared with us in their closing ceremony!

My biggest win during the programme was getting over my self-doubt.” - Nasia Seyuba

Although the content of LeadMe may seem simple and short, it really changed me and the way I see myself as a leader. Doing a little bit every week ensured that I was continually thinking about my leadership skills.” - Eliza De Jager

On LeadMe, I learned that I can rewire my brain and that the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is actually wrong. I liked the structure of the programme and how it focused first on building the layers of self before the team. Because as a leader I can’t expect my team to do the work if I’m not doing it myself.” - Matthew De Beer

What I really loved on LeadMe was learning more about myself and being surprised by some of what I learned, especially around my decision making process and my biases. It was also good to be reminded the importance of celebrating other people’s successes, even if they are not in your immediate team.” - Gibson Seota

The biggest takeaway for me from LeadMe was how to restructure my time management. It’s given me the ability to prioritise what’s most important each day - which is our people.” - Michael-Angelo Bootcov

My biggest win from being on the LeadMe programme is having my communication become more clear, careful, and tactful.” - Seshni Mala

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